Data SGP

data sgp

Data sgp is a tool that allows teachers and parents to compare student performance to academic peers. Using growth percentages, teachers and parents can determine whether students have made more or less progress than their peers and develop instructional strategies accordingly.

The data sgp is a key part of the process of evaluating a student’s academic performance and providing them with appropriate interventions to ensure that they are making progress in each subject area. It is essential for educators and administrators to have access to accurate and timely data in order to make informed decisions about student learning and instruction.

In addition, the data sgp enables teachers and administrators to analyze their classroom’s instructional practices by understanding which subjects are working and which are not. This information can be used to improve the overall quality of a school’s instructional program and ultimately lead to better student outcomes.

sgpData is an R package that provides the tools to convert student growth percentiles and percentile projections from longitudinal educational assessment data into statistical growth plots. sgpData is free software and runs on the open source platform, R. It is recommended that users have an extensive familiarity with R prior to proceeding with SGP analyses.

SGP calculations are computationally intensive and require the user to have the ability to manage large data sets. For this reason, the SGP package includes wrapper functions abcSGP and updateSGP that simplify the complex source code associated with operational SGP analyses.

The sgpData dataset contains five years of student assessment scores. Each student’s sgpData record contains a unique identifier, their individual assessment score from each year of testing, and the scale score associated with that test. The sgpData dataset also contains state specific meta-data embedded in the SGPstateData metadata object.

Aside from the sgpData dataset, other SGP data products are available. One such product is the Star Growth Report, which is a web-based application that displays a student’s percentile growth trajectory or projection based on their achievement history. Percentile growth trajectories and projections are displayed in Star Growth Report as Window Specific SGP when selected from the Timeframe drop down menu.

The sgpData dataset is the backbone for the SGP analysis package. The package has several higher level functions designed to work with sgpData and the wider format sgpData_WIDE. The sgpData Analysis Vignette and SGP Package documentation provide detailed guidance for using these higher level functions with SGP data.