What is the Hongkong Prize?

hongkong prize

The hongkong prize is one of Asia’s premier awards, attracting thousands of applicants every year. It is an honor bestowed on scientific research that has had a significant impact on the community. It is open to researchers worldwide and selected through a rigorous peer review process, free of sponsorship or special committee influence. This award can help to expand the career prospects of many winners.

The winner will have access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities, which is an opportunity to build professional ties with top scientists in the city. It can also give them the chance to attend a seminar or take part in a research internship within their field of research. In addition to this, they can benefit from the monetary prize that is awarded to them.

As Hong Kong’s most prestigious science and technology awards, the BOCHK STII is open to scientists from around the world who have made outstanding contributions to scientific innovation and their transformation into real social or economic value. The prize is sponsored by the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited and administered by the Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation, which carries out independent judgments and evaluations of candidates’ research and achievements.

In addition to this, the prize also includes funding for a research project and travel expenses for the winner. The research must be original and must meet certain criteria. This can include clinical or observational investigation; basic science research; or any combination of these. The research must also be the winner’s first-authored work.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old and have an excellent track record of scientific research. The judging panel will assess the candidate’s track record, the importance of their research and its impact on society. The winner will receive a cash prize and a trophy. The trophies are designed by architect Yves Belanger and depict a pearl and a jade amulet with holes pierced through them to symbolize the “balance” between science and art that the prize seeks to promote.

Aside from the monetary prize, the winners will get an opportunity to visit Hong Kong and learn about its culture. The prize is sponsored by the Bank of Canada, and it was established in honour of Professor Wang Gungwu who donated a sum of money. The fund has grown to more than HK$100 million, and it is now one of the most prestigious science awards in the world.

The prize was created to reward excellence in the fields of science, technology, and the arts. It will help young scientists to achieve great things and make the world a better place. It also gives the public a chance to see the remarkable work that these scientists are doing. The winning entries were chosen by a team of experts from different sectors. They were then displayed at the Museum of Applied Arts in Hong Kong. It was a very special event and one that everyone enjoyed.